Interview: Edberg


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Stefan Edberg answers questions from the Press during the 1995 French Open Championships after his match with F. Santoro.

S. EDBERG/F. Santoro
May 30, 1995
French Tennis Federation
Roland Garros - 1995

6-2 6-0 6-2


Q: Stefan, Fabrice just said that even when you were at your top on clay, you didn't play better than today, do you agree?

A: Today was a very good day. I think I had made less than 10 mistakes today and it was just a match that nohting could go wrong. And it is a nice feeling being out when it is going like that. So it was really nice playing.

Q: How could you explain such a change from Monte Carlo and today?

A: Sometimes you wonder, yes. I don't know. In Monte Carlo, obviously, I wasn't playing very well. He was playing better at that time. I think the difference today is that I played very well and when I play well, I sort of don't give him any rhythm. And I played him quite a few times on hard court and won quite comfortably. And I expected a tough match today because after in Monte Carlo he played well. He played well in Rome. I know he was in pretty good form and the good thing for me is that I played alot of matches in Dusseldorf last week, but it is always a little bit of a worry after playing Sunday and coming and only having a day to get ready for your first round here, so you are not wuite sure, but I played alot better than I expected.

Q: 2-Love at just the start, do you think he could have changed something?

A: Well, you never know; probably not, I would say. Obviously that was -- he could have got a better start. That would have probably helped him alot, but after then, I don;t think he had a breakpoint in my serve. And so --. Who can tell? No idea.

Q: When you played Ferriera in Rome, I think you played one of the worst matches I have seen and now such a big change in a few days. Do you think that is when something was turning in your game?

A: I think it started turning a little bit in Rome. I think in -- if you look at it, I played three good matches. I still don't know what happened in Rome, but one thing that was very different, we played at night --

Q: The lights?

A: And the light. It was totally different and I got off to a bad start and I just couldn't do anything. It was just hopeless. That was the big difference, I think. But I just said to myself after Rome, I have been hitting the ball well here this week first time in a long time and I went to Dusseldorf and played alot of matches. So I think still in Rome was the turning point where I started hitting the ball better because, obviously, Monte Carlo was very bad and Munich was a little bit better; Rome better, so it has been going the right way, and now I am feeling wuite comfortable hitting the ball now. So hopefully everything is coming together at the right time. That is what I hope anyway.

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