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As I'm surfing the web more and more, I realized that most of the Stefan's interviews, and articles are taken down. So I saved as many as I could, and I put them all up here. Note that this is for entertainment use only, and the full rights go to the people that took the interviews, or wrote the articles.If you have more articles that you'd like to see them up here, please e-mail them to me, and I'll put them up.

Edberg's career

Stefan Edberg - A class act

A Stefan interview at the US Open '96

Class Act Edberg making one last run at the US Open

Edberg keeps hanging in at the US Open

An Interview with Stefan Edberg At Roland Garros '96

Edberg, the hockey goalie

A '97 interview in Sweden

Edberg says: `96 Circuit Will Be End of the Road (from the NY times)

'96 ATP Tour News Release

Philadelphia Indoors - February 25, 1996

An Interview with Michael Chang - March 13, 1996

Another inteview with Stefan Edberg - March 27, 1996

1996 Lipton - a farewell for Stefan Edberg

Edberg honored at Lipton

A man of style, and substance





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