Stefan Edberg - The perfect gentelman

Stefan Edberg ends his career after 14 years of pro tennis, and winning 41 singles titles and 17 doubles titles. Edberg has always been unpredictable. But he will not try to make a come back like other players. He packed his bags and went quietly into the night, never to return again.

Here are some facts about Stefan


Stefan Edberg
Vastervik, Sweden
Vaxjo, Sweden 18-04-1992
Emilie Victoria Edberg
London England 14-07-1993
Christopher Edberg
London, England 28-02-96
Titles won
Grand Slams won
1996 Australian open doubles with Petr Korda
1992 United States Open
1991 United States Open
1990 Wimblendon
1988 Wimblendon
1987 Australian Open
1987 Australian Open Doubles with Anders Jarryd
1987 United States Open Doubles with Anders Jarryd
Australian Open
Special Wins
1989 Masters
1988 Olympics bronze medal singles
1988 olympics bronze medal doubles with Anders Jarryd
1986 Masters doubles with Anders Jarryd
1985 Masters doubles with Anders Jarryd
1984 Olympics Gold Medal
1983 French Open Junior
1983 Wimblendon Open Junior
1983 United States Open Junior
1983 Australian Open Junior
1983 Grans Slam Junior
No 1 Ranking 72 weeks
13-08-1990 to 27-01-1991
18-02-1991 to 07-07-1991
09-09-1991 to 09-02-1992
23-03-1992 to 12-04-1992
14-09-1992 to 04-10-1992